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پندار نیک، گفتار نیک، کردار نیک

A Deeper Dive:

First my mother taught me to walk, then she taught me to read.

Since I was a child, my love for words, for sharing, for telling stories has been the most enduring passion. I wrote poetry in the margins of my homework to perform at the lunch table. I wrote and made films so that we had reasons to spend time together on the weekends and the summers. I wrote plays for my friends to perform with characters catered to them. The act of artistic production has become my most honed skill because of my deep love for bringing people together over the stories I want to tell. It’s a second nature; it’s a sixth sense.

And I have had a bountiful young life full of community building through a wide breadth of artistic friends and collaborators that I am both blessed with and seek out like a dog to water. Creation and the discussion and practice of creating with others has been my greatest blessing and essential resource in my life as a creator.

There is no idea of dream that I think is too big, and I have a devout dedication to making my own and others’ dreams come true through hard work, methodical planning and ideating, and a joy for creating with others.

متشکرم که در اینجا حضور دارید